Mario Badescu vs EradiKate (Best Acne Treatment)

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Whether you get occasional acne breakouts or this is part of your daily life, you want an acne treatment that works quickly and effectively. Lots of products promise fast results, but today we’re reviewing two popular products to see which is best. Our Mario Badescu vs EradiKate review will show you which is better for your skin, along with which is the better buy.

Our EradiKate vs Mario Badescu review will focus on uses, effectiveness, feeling, ingredients, and their major differences.

Read out to find out which is the best acne treatment product.

Mario Badescu Drying LotionEradikate Acne Treatment

Specific Products

Both of these brands offer numerous products, so let’s specify exactly which two we’re looking at before continuing.

We are comparing Mario Badescu Drying Lotion vs Kate Somerville Eradikate Acne Treatment. Surprisingly enough, it can be hard to tell these two apart. They look nearly identical, and they have nearly the same ingredients. That being said, we found a good number of differences you’ll be interested in.

We preferred Eradikate in our Kate Somerville Eradikate vs Mario Badescu Drying Lotion review, but both are excellent products.

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Mario Badescu or Eradikate: Uses

Every acne treatment product has a specific use. Some are best as daily cleaners while others are good for immediate results. Both of these products are more about immediate results, but many people swear that they are good for daily use as well.

They work by drying the affected area and simultaneously healing and soothing the skin. Both bottles look nearly the same, and their use is the same as well.

You’ll notice clear liquid on top and a pink clay at the bottom. Dip the applicator into the solution until you hit the clay. This is what provides relief to your acne. The liquid is there to prevent the medicated clay from drying.

In terms of use, they are basically identical. Both of them look the same, are used the same way, and work nearly as quickly as each other. You’d be unable to tell them apart if the label was removed.

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Here’s where things are a bit different. Both are effective, but we found that Eradikate was the better of the two. Many people call Mario Badescue a Kate Somerville Eradikate dupe, and we would agree, but we’re unsure if you’re getting more value with this product.

Better Ingredients

As we said above, both of these have nearly the same ingredients and work the same way. Just dab the pink clay on the affected area and let it sit. It will work to soothe the skin and remove oils and other impurities.

There are several things that make Eradikate the better product. It includes more active ingredients such as sulfur and magnesium aluminum silicate. The sulfur is able to remove acne faster, but what does the other ingredient do? It’s a thickener that is wonderful for the clay.

One major difference we found is that both acne treatments apply easily enough and dry quickly. However, Mario Badescu can crack and crumble if you move your face (from talking, smiling, frowning, walking around, or nearly anything else). Only about half stays on.

On the other hand, Eradikate by Kate Somerville stays on with ease. This means it has more time to treat your skin.

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Eradikate vs Mario Badescu: Clay Amount

Another big difference we noted was the amount of clay. Neither is completely full as they need the clear liquid to keep the clay hydrated. That being said, Eradikate is about half full while Mario Badescu is about a third full.

While Mario Badescu Drying Lotion is great and the less expensive of the two, they are roughly the same price when you consider how much clay you’re getting. Since Eradikate also functions better, we have to recommend it in terms of effectiveness.

Mario Badescu vs Eradikate: Feeling

Some acne treatments feel awful. They might sting a bit, smell badly, or feel unpleasant on the skin. If you’re like us, then even the most effective treatments aren’t worth all the discomfort. We want acne treatments that feel soothing against the skin and have a pleasant (or at least unoffending) odor.

The good news is that both of these hit the mark. While Mario Badescu is a little more crumbly, and both feel dry and patchy if you touch them, you’ll hardly notice the clay on your face. Both are extremely lightweight and shouldn’t irritate your skin.

Not only that, but they both soothe the skin and make it feel better. Mario Badescu is actually a little better in this regard. It includes calamine, which calms the skin. For those looking for the best acne treatment for sensitive skin, you might prefer Mario Badescu for this reason.

While Mario is a tiny bit better, EradiKate is still our top choice. You won’t find a massive difference between them unless you have very sensitive skin.

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What’s the Difference Between Mario Badescu and Eradikate?

Curious about what’s the difference between Eradikate and Mario Badescu? While they look nearly identical side by side, and they have many similarities, there are some differences to pay attention to.

By the way, check out these other Mario Badescu reviews for more information:

We found that Eradikate was better overall despite being more expensive. It has more active ingredients, more clay, it’s better at treating acne, and it’s less likely to crumble from normal movement.

The one area where Drying Lotion Mario Badescu was better was in terms of calming your skin. It includes calamine, which helps to soothe irritated skin. While Eradikate is good at soothing as well, it’s not quite as good.

Mario Badescu Drying LotionEradikate Acne Treatment

Final Thoughts

So, which is better when it comes to Mario Badescu vs EradiKate? While they are similar, we have to go with EradiKate. It was more effective, you get more of the pink clay that treats the acne, and it worked better overall.

That’s not to say that Mario Badescu is bad, it’s actually amazing. If you’re in a financial pinch, then this might be the better of the two, but you’re not saving as much when it comes to overall value.

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