Drybar Brush Crush vs GHD Glide (Best Hot Brush for Difficult Hair)

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Hot brushes are amazing because they effectively combine a paddle comb and flat iron. You can brush and straighten your hair simultaneously, which feels great and saves you lots of this. Today we’re going to look at two of the best in our Drybar Brush Crush vs GHD Glide review. It’s tough competition, so we’re going to take a deep dive into these products.

Our GHD Glide vs Drybar Brush Crush review will compare these based on temperature, controls, the handle, bristles, and anything else we can find.

Read on to see which is best for your hair.

Drybar Brush CrushGHD Glide


Since these are both made for straightening hair, you want to ensure the temperature is high enough for your needs. So, what is the ideal temperature for straightening your hair? It really depends on your hair type.

If you have thinner hair that only needs some straightening, then around 350 degrees should be fine. If you have thick and unruly hair, then something closer to 400-450 degrees would be better.

There is a big difference between these two in terms of temperature and options.

Drybar Brush heats up to 450 degrees and has many options for a lower temperature. This ensures that you can use it regardless of your hair type. GHD Glide’s temperature is only 365 degrees. They describe this as the optimal hair straightening temperature, but there are no options for increasing or decreasing the temperature.

Due to the higher max temperature and the various options, we found Drybar to be better here. GHD is good and will work for most people, but those with very thick or thin hair might not find the 365 degrees to be useful.

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Drybar Brush Crush vs GHD Glide: Controls

This refers to how easy it is to control the hot brush. While some are very difficult to use, we found that both of these models are very simple to use. However, there is one that’s better than the other.

Drybar Crush has simple controls. It has a power button, options to turn the temperature up and down, and a display that shows the current temperature setting. It’s incredibly easy and anyone will be able to use this.

While GHD Glide’s controls are technically easier, we found them lacking. It has a power button and that’s it. Push the button and wait until the brush heats up. As you might recall from the previous section, there are no temperature adjustments, so you can’t change it.

Although GHD is technically simpler, we preferred the Drybar controls because you get to control the temperature and it was very easy to use.

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GHD Glide vs Drybar Brush Crush: Handle

As brushes, you want to pay attention to the handle because a poor handle can make the brush hard to control. Both brushes are on the harder side, but they have different benefits and are fairly even in terms of their usefulness.

The GHD Glide handle is longer and thinner, which might be ideal if you have longer hair. This makes it easier to get the brush in different angles, and the thinner handle is a little easier to hold if you have smaller hands.

On the other hand, the Drybar Brush Crush handle is a little thicker and somewhat more textured. This makes it easier to hold and gives you a good grip on the brush, which might be best if you have thick hair that’s hard to get through.

In general, both are fine. It comes down to whether you prefer a longer and thinner handle, or one that is regular size, a tiny bit thicker, and more textured.

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The bristles on these brushes are nearly identical, but we found some differences when we looked deeper into them. These bristles are very important because they will separate your hair follicles, remove any knots, and ensure the heat is evenly distributed throughout all your hair.

Both of these use thicker, wider bristles that are great for removing knots and getting through thick hair. However, we found that Drybar has thicker bristles when compared to GHD, which makes it better for difficult and unmanageable hair. At the same time, GHD might be better for normal hair as it will more easily get through finer hair.

So, which is better? It really depends on your hair type.

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What is the Difference Between Drybar Brush Crush and GHD Glide?

Curious about what is the difference between GHD Glide and Drybar Brush Crush? Though these two look very similar at first and have many of the same features, we found a number of differences once we started comparing them.

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Both of these hot brushes reach a good temperature, but we found that Drybar has a higher maximum temperature and more temperature settings. GHD only has one temperature setting. It’s good for normal and thin hair, but not as good for thicker hair.

The controls are both simple, though Drybar is better because it allows you to control the temperature. Their both have amazing handles with GHD being longer and thinner and Drybar being thicker and more textured.

We also found that the bristles are very similar, but Drybar’s bristles are a little wider and better for thicker hair, but those with normal and thin hair might prefer GHD.

Drybar Brush CrushGHD Glide

Final Thoughts

So, with all that said, which is the best when it comes to Drybar Brush Crush vs GHD Glide? While it really depends on your preferences and hair type, we found that Drybar is the more versatile of the two. You can use this with thin, normal, and thick hair regardless of how unruly it is. GHD is best for normal hair and, while it can straighten hair easily, the lower max temperature might make it less useful with thicker hair.

While Drybar is the better of the two, GHD is amazing and has some benefits. It’s even easier to use with the simpler controls, some might like the longer hair, and the bristles are a little better with thinner hair.

So, which one do you choose? Be sure to let us know.

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