What is the New Mugler Perfume?

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The world of perfumery is ever-evolving, with new scents and innovative blends consistently enchanting our senses. One such entrancing addition to the olfactory sphere is the new perfume by Mugler, the Alien Goddess. Much like its celestial name, Alien Goddess is a fragrance designed to evoke sensations of radiance, power, and wonder. As with the entire Alien line, Alien Goddess carries the uniqueness and enchantment that Mugler parfum alien is known for. In this article, we explore this captivating perfume Alien Goddess Mugler and its more intense variant, bringing you a comprehensive guide on what to expect from these remarkable creations.

Mugler Alien Goddess
Mugler Alien Goddess – Intense

What is the new Mugler Perfume?

Mugler’s newest creation, Alien Goddess, is an Eau de Parfum Supra Florale that reimagines the original Alien fragrance with an extra floral touch. It is an audacious reenactment of the Alien line’s characteristic solar jasmine, morphed into a magnificent supra flower. The scent embodies a unique fusion of femininity, exuding an aroma that will captivate and mesmerize those around you. As per Mugler’s product description, it’s not just a scent but a “supra-sensorial experience.” When exploring other perfumes, such as in the Addison Rae Fragrance: Ultimate Guide to Addison’s Unique Perfume, one can see how each fragrance offers a unique sensory journey.

What is Mugler Alien Goddess?

Alien Goddess is a radiant interpretation of the signature scent profile that Mugler Alien perfumes are known for. In this particular creation, the original scent’s florality is set free, revealing a luminous floral-ambery fragrance that feels fresh, transformative, and audacious all at once. Alien Goddess boasts a fresh green cactus flower accord, a heart of jasmine Grandiflorum superinfusion, and a salty, ambery everlasting flower. Much like the goddess it is named after, the fragrance emits a formidable aura of femininity and strength, making it a powerful choice for those seeking a standout scent.

Mugler Alien Goddess
Mugler Alien Goddess – Intense

What is Mugler Alien Goddess Intense?

The Mugler Alien Goddess Intense pushes the boundaries even further, diving deeper into the world of alluring scents. Much like the Alien Goddess, the Intense version continues to celebrate the jasmine Grandiflorum superinfusion’s divine gift, but with an even more intensified amber benevolence. The scent elevates the original Eau de Parfum’s florality, shaping it into an ultramodern bloom. Mugler Goddess Intense is an embodiment of audacity, power, and sensuality, making it the perfect scent for those who desire to make a bold statement with their fragrance. As seen in other fragrance variants, such as in the Mariah Carey Perfume: A Symphony of Scents, intense versions often provide a deeper, more captivating sensory experience.

Scent Profile

Alien Goddess by Mugler, as its name suggests, is a fragrance that resonates with divine femininity and unearthly beauty. The scent profile is an extraordinary blend of three revelations. The first, a refreshing revelation, features a cactus flower accord paired with a juicy splash of pear. This initial scent ushers in the flourishing revelation, characterized by a hybrid bloom of jasmine sambac and everlasting flower. Finally, the audacious revelation introduces the warmth and richness of everlasting flower absolute, enhanced by a dash of mineral moss. This dynamic scent profile, combining freshness, florality, and audacity, makes Mugler Alien Goddess a truly supra-sensorial experience.

Bottle Description

Beyond the scent, the Alien Goddess perfume bottle is a work of art in itself. Mirroring the avant-garde aesthetics of Mugler’s fashion designs, the bottle is an architectural masterpiece. The facetted talisman gleams with a life-affirming energy of Alien Goddess, lacquered in rose gold to reflect the radiant light of the supra flower. The bottle not only houses the exquisite fragrance but also brings an element of beauty to your vanity.

Mugler Alien Ingredients

Alien Goddess adheres to Mugler’s unique structure and super-charged ingredients, resulting in a powerful trail of fragrance. The ingredients include alcohol, water, benzyl salicylate, benzyl alcohol, linalool, hexyl cinnamal, limonene, coumarin, methyl anthranilate, and several others, each contributing to the perfume’s unique olfactory experience. These ingredients create a bold and captivating scent that ensures an all-day trail, whether you prefer it discrete or more generous.

Mugler Alien Goddess
Mugler Alien Goddess – Intense

Buyer’s Guide

When considering Alien Goddess by Mugler as your next fragrance purchase, consider the following:

  • Scent Profile: The fragrance is an intriguing blend of cactus flower accord, jasmine Grandiflorum superinfusion, and everlasting flower. It offers a unique combination of fresh, floral, and audacious scents.
  • Occasion: Alien Goddess is a versatile perfume suitable for both day and evening wear. Its unique blend of scents makes it ideal for various occasions, from casual outings to more formal events.
  • Longevity: Mugler perfumes are known for their longevity, and Alien Goddess is no exception. Its powerful trail ensures an all-day scent.
  • Bottle Design: The Alien Goddess bottle is a work of art, lacquered in rose gold and designed to reflect the radiant light of the supra flower.
  • Application: To fully enjoy the scent’s quintessence and voluptuousness, use the “Mugler cloud” ritual. Spray a generous amount of Alien Goddess Supra Florale in a circle in front of you to create a cloud of scent, then step into this luminous halo.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Alien Goddess different from other Mugler Alien perfumes?

Alien Goddess is a reinterpretation of the original Alien fragrance. While maintaining the original’s solar jasmine scent, it introduces a more floral touch, resulting in an extraordinary supra flower scent. It sets the original scent’s florality free, resulting in a unique luminous floral ambery fragrance. This, combined with the “Mugler cloud” application method, makes it a supra-sensorial experience.

How does Mugler Alien Goddess smell?

Alien Goddess smells of a unique blend of freshness, florality, and audacity. The scent profile begins with a refreshing cactus flower accord and pear, leading to a hybrid bloom of jasmine sambac and everlasting flower, before culminating in the richness of everlasting flower absolute enhanced by a dash of mineral moss. The result is a fragrance that’s both radiant and captivating.

Can I wear Mugler Alien Goddess in summer?

Yes, Alien Goddess is versatile and suitable for all seasons. Its unique blend of fresh, floral, and audacious scents makes it ideal for warmer months, while its richness and audacity make it suitable for cooler seasons. Its all-day trail ensures that you’ll carry the enchanting scent with you throughout the day, regardless of the season.

How long does Mugler Alien Goddess last?

Mugler Alien Goddess is known for its longevity. Once applied using the unique “Mugler cloud” ritual, the perfume creates a powerful trail that ensures an all-day scent. However, the longevity can vary depending on factors like skin type, activity level, and environmental conditions.

How do I apply Mugler Alien Goddess?

To fully enjoy the scent’s quintessence and voluptuousness, it is recommended to use the “Mugler cloud” ritual. Spray a generous amount of Alien Goddess Supra Florale in a circle in front of you to create a cloud of scent. Then step into this luminous halo, allowing the charm to operate.

Can Mugler Alien Goddess be worn by men?

While Alien Goddess is marketed towards women, the world of fragrance is highly subjective and personal. If a man enjoys the scent and feels that it resonates with his personal style, there’s no reason why he shouldn’t wear it. Fragrance is all about personal expression and finding what suits you best.

How is Alien Goddess Intense different from Alien Goddess?

Alien Goddess Intense takes the original Eau de Parfum’s florality and amplifies it. It celebrates the divine gift of the jasmine Grandiflorum superinfusion but intensifies the amber benevolence, resulting in an even more captivating and bold fragrance. It is perfect for those seeking a deeper, more audacious sensory experience.

Is Alien Goddess a daytime or nighttime perfume?

Alien Goddess is a versatile perfume that can be worn both during the day and at night. Its unique blend of fresh, floral, and audacious scents makes it adaptable to various settings and occasions, from a casual day out to a formal evening event.

What does the bottle of Mugler Alien Goddess look like?

The bottle of Alien Goddess is an architectural piece of design that mirrors the avant-garde aesthetics of Mugler’s fashion designs. The facetted talisman is lacquered in rose gold, reflecting the radiant light of the supra flower. It is a beautiful object that adds an element of beauty to your vanity.

How does Alien Goddess compare to other luxury perfumes?

Alien Goddess stands out in the luxury perfume market with its unique blend of fresh, floral, and audacious scents, along with its attractive bottle design and the unique “Mugler cloud” application method. However, how it compares to other luxury perfumes can be subjective and based on personal preferences. For comparison with other fragrances, check out The Best Mini Perfume: A Compact Luxury for Every Woman.

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