Dermablend vs MAC Foundation (Best Foundation for Coverage)

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Maybe you’re looking for the best foundation for textured skin, or just for the best foundation for your unique skin type. While there are tons of options to choose from, we found two of the biggest brands and decided to compare them. Our Dermablend vs MAC foundation review will show you which is right for your skin.

Our MAC vs Dermablend foundation review will compare these two based on their applicable skin types, coverage, shades, special features, and any other differences we can discover.

While MAC is good for the price and many will like it, we found that Dermablend provides a professional, superior level of quality that’s much better in nearly every way.

Dermablend Foundation
MAC Foundation

Are Foundation and Concealer the Same Thing?

You have probably seen these two used interchangeably, so you might be wondering: are concealer and foundation the same thing? While they are similar and often are put together now, the truth is that they are separate products.

Concealer, as it sounds, is meant to conceal or hide imperfections, veins, bruises, stretch marks, and so on. Foundation is supposed to be a stage or base that all of your other makeup (including concealer) go on top of.

That being said, many foundations (such as Dermablend and MAC) include concealer elements and provide a good level of coverage. While these can be used for both purposes, some people might also need concealer for very difficult imperfections or marks.

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Skin Type

Whether you’re looking for a specialized foundation or you just want to make sure the product works for you, it’s essential to check what skin types your foundation works well with. For example, if you have oily skin, then the last thing you want is a product for dry skin. Both of these foundations work with all skin types, but one does it better than the other.

Dermablend Makeup Foundation works with all skin types, but it does much more than that. The colors are true-to-tone, and these products are dermatologist-tested, allergy-tested, vegan, and made for sensitive skin. Whether you’re prone to skin irritation, allergies, or just want a product made to the best standards, we found that Dermablend was made with precision and the level of testing was impressive.

MAC Foundation on the other hand is also made for all skin types, but it just ends there. It’s good for many people, and we’ve heard from numerous people who love MAC and swear by it. However, it doesn’t have the same standards Dermablend has.

Both are good, but we found that Dermablend was far better and made with higher standards.

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As we said above, many foundations provide a good level of coverage. This can be used to reduce the visibility of imperfections, but it also balances your skin tone and gives you a more beautiful appearance. While we found that both are rated as about the same with coverage, once again it seems like Dermablend was the real winner here.

Dermablend Leg and Body Foundation is rated as medium-to-full coverage. It’s able to hide spider veins, bruises, scars, stretch marks, skin inconsistencies, and much more. Not only that, but it’s so concealing that you can completely hide the appearance of tattoos. The best thing is that this foundation has a matte, natural finish that no one will even notice. They’ll just see your beautiful skin.

MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation is also rated as medium-to-full coverage, meaning that it can reduce the visibility of skin tone differences, veins, and marks that you want to disappear. At the same time, we found that the coverage wasn’t quite as good as with Dermablend. It took more to fully conceal certain areas.

Both are fantastic, but Dermablend felt better and performed at a higher standard. Plus, it felt more lightweight and natural against the skin.

Dermablend Foundation
MAC Foundation

MAC vs Dermablend Foundation: Shades

You should pick a foundation that best matches your natural skin color. While the number of shades offered doesn’t necessarily mean that one is better than the other (you need the one that matches your shade best), it does show that there are more options and that it should be easier to find one that matches your unique tone. While some love the MAC Foundation shades, we found the Dermablend foundation shades were better and more natural looking.

So, how many foundation shades are offered? We found that Dermablend offers 12 different shades while MAC Studio Fix Foundation offers 6 different shades.

Not only that, but Dermablend was evenly split between dark, medium, and light tones along with a variety of hues within each shade. MAC offers both dark and medium tones, but it is lacking overall when compared to Dermablend.

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Dermablend vs MAC Foundation: Special Features

Nearly every good foundation has extra features that make them do much more than just act as a foundation for your makeup. This is great because you should get more without having to buy extra products. While there are some similarities, such as both offering sun protection and lasting all day, Dermablend was the big winner here as it offers more and is much better.

Dermablend offers SPF 25 sunscreen protection, which makes it great during the warmer months. It also lasts all day, uses a vegan and cruelty free formulation, and is regularly tested and improved based on current dermatological information. It’s also tested for allergens to ensure it’s as good as possible for sensitive skin or those with allergies.

MAC Foundation offers SPF 15 sunscreen protection and the formulation was developed to last all day. Not only that, but it’s non-drying. This means that it will never streak or smudge. The great thing about this is that you’ll never have to worry about not setting the foundation correctly.

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What is the Difference Between Dermablend and MAC Foundation?

Curious about what is the difference between MAC and Dermablend foundation? Both are good and there were some similarities, but we found that Dermablend was far better in every case. That being said, MAC is somewhat more affordable.

They are both made for all skin types, but Dermablend was developed by dermatologists, is regularly allergy tested, and it’s a vegan formulation that’s wonderful for sensitive skin. Another similarity is that they both provide medium-to-full coverage, but Dermablend concealed much better and felt more lightweight against the skin.

In terms of shades, Dermablend offers double the number of shades and they are more balanced and natural. This product also features more special features such as better sunscreen protection, an enhanced formulation, and being free of harmful chemicals.

Dermablend Foundation
MAC Foundation

Final Thoughts

So, which should you choose, MAC or Dermablend foundation? While MAC is fine, we found that Dermablend is far better and definitely worth the price. While it’s a little more expensive, you get far more for the price.

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