Babyliss Flat Iron vs Paul Mitchell (Best Quality Flat Iron)

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Choosing the right flat iron is so tough because there’s an overwhelming number of options. You can find curling irons in so many price ranges in different materials with vastly different features. Our Babyliss Flat Iron vs Paul Mitchell review will make this easier by comparing these two popular brands to see which is right for your hair.

Our Paul Mitchell vs Babyliss Flat Iron review will compare these based on temperature, plate size, material, comfort, and any other differences we can discover.

Read on to find out which titanium flat iron is best for your hair.

Babyliss Pro Flat IronPaul Mitchell Flat Iron

What Are the Benefits of Titanium Flat Iron?

Aside from allowing you to make your hair poker straight, giving you bouncy curls, or whatever other style you want, titanium flat irons have lots of benefits. They heat up much faster than most other flat irons. Not only that, but they also require fewer passes to make your hair straight.

Some people think that titanium curling irons are bad for your hair. While it is true that they’re better for thicker and coarser hair, you can often mitigate the damaging effects on thinner hair by just reducing the temperature.

If you’re short on time, hate waiting around, and just want to style your hair quickly, then titanium flat irons are definitely the right choice for you.

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Paul Mitchell vs Babyliss Pro Flat Iron: Temperature

This is one of the most important things to consider when buying a flat iron. If it can’t reach the temperature you need, then you’re getting the wrong model. Most people say that around 360-380 degrees is ideal for straightening hair, but that’s not always true. Those with thicker hair might need a higher temperature, and certain styling options require more heat.

You want options, and you want to ensure that the hair straightener is able to reach the temperature you need. In one way this is a tie between Paul Mitchell and Babyliss Pro because they both offer the same 450F max.

However, we found some significant differences between them. Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth Flat Iron has an LCD display that shows the current heat setting. That’s great, but we preferred the 50 temperature settings we got with BabylissPro Titanium Nano. This made it easier to get the exact temperature we wanted.

Both are good. While we can see some people preferring Paul Mitchell, we definitely thought BabylissPro was more useful.

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Paul Mitchell vs Babyliss Flat Iron: Plate Width

Choosing the right flat iron plate width is like a balancing act. Smaller plates give you more control and allow for some intricate designs, but wider plates are much faster as they cover more area.

The most popular overall size is 1 inch, but some curling irons are smaller while others are larger. It all comes down to what you’d prefer: speed or control. We won’t make that decision for you, but what we can do is tell you what sizes are available.

BabylissPro Nano is available in 1 inch, 1.5 inch, and 2 inch sizes. Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth Titanium is available in 1.25 inch and 1.5 inch sizes.

In general we’d say that Babyliss Pro is the better of the two. Not only does it offer the most popular size, which is 1 inch, but it offers more sizes in general. That being said, many people like the sizes offered by Paul Mitchell.

Babyliss Pro Flat IronPaul Mitchell Flat Iron

Babyliss Pro Flat Iron vs Paul Mitchell: Material

There are many types of flat irons out there. You can find ceramic, tourmaline, and many others, but we think the best overall would be titanium flat irons. As we said above, these heat quickly and are able to style your hair in fewer passes.

Both of these are titanium flat irons, which may make you think it’s a tie, but that’s not entirely true. We found that the titanium in Babyliss felt more solid, durable, and it also heated quicker. This is likely due to the ceramic heating element.

While both have the same materials, it feels like Babyliss used a higher quality titanium that heated faster, more evenly, and was more durable.

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Babyliss Flat Iron vs Paul Mitchell: Comfort

When we consider comfort with flat irons, we’re looking at the handle. Not only do we consider if it easily fits in the hand, but we also look at the hinge, how it feels, and if it gives you enough control to style your hair.

Both are good, but good isn’t enough. We want to see which is best. While both easily fit in your hand, we found that Babyliss fit better and felt more comfortable overall. You’ll have no problem regardless of the size of your hand. Paul Mitchell styling iron was good, but it was a little chunkier.

What about the hinge? Once again, both are good, but BabylissPro had a much smoother hinge that moved with ease. We felt like we were getting more control with it as well. You’ll like both, but BabylissPro is easily the better of the two.

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What is the Difference Between Babyliss Flat Iron and Paul Mitchell?

Curious about what is the difference between Paul Mitchell and Babyliss Flat Iron? While they seem similar at first, there are actually a lot of differences between them. In general we found that Babyliss was the better of the two, but Paul Mitchell was pretty good.

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Babyliss not only offered the most popular plate size, but it also offered more sizes. It also had more temperature settings, though both brands offered the same max temperature. Another difference was that Babyliss had premium quality titanium, and the handle was far more comfortable.

While Paul Mitchell was a good flat iron, it just doesn’t compare to everything you get with Babyliss Pro Flat Iron.

Babyliss Pro Flat IronPaul Mitchell Flat Iron

Final Thoughts

So, who wins in our Babyliss Pro Flat Iron vs Paul Mitchell review? While Paul Mitchell did its best, it just can’t compare to Babyliss. With more heat options, better plate widths, more sophisticated titanium, and a more comfortable handle, we have to give the win to Babyliss. 

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