Stila vs Nyx Eyeliner: Which Eyeliner is More Attractive?

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If you’re looking for the best waterproof eyeliner pen, then you’re in the right place. There are lots of brands, but only a few could really be called the best. Today we’re comparing Stila vs Nyx eyeliner to see which is ideal for your eyes and overall aesthetic. They look nearly identical at first, but let’s take off the cap and see what differences are underneath. 

We are specifically looking at Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner vs Nyx Professional Makeup Epic Ink Liner. 

So, how are we going to determine the winner in our Nyx vs Stila eyeliner review? We are going to compare them based on feel, application, color, how waterproof they are, and any other differences we find. 

Read on to see who wins. 

Stila Stay All Day EyelinerNyx Professional Epic Liner

Stila vs Nyx Eyeliner: Feel 

The best eyeliner should be lightweight and not even feel like it’s there. Can you imagine heavy eyeliner on your eyes? It’d be a nightmare. That being said, which one feels the best here? 

Thankfully both of them feel very lightweight and smooth. Not only that, but they dry within seconds. This ensures that you don’t want to worry about the eyeliner running or getting into your eyes.  Another benefit of them is that the eyeliner doesn’t feel chunky or thick. If you’ve used cheap eyeliners, then you know how bad they can feel. 

So, are there any differences between them? While we would describe them both as lightweight, there is a big difference between Nyx and Stila. 

Stila felt so much better and significantly more comfortable. Nyx feels fine, but it just didn’t compare to Stila. While Nyx is a little more affordable, we think it’d be best to spend the few extra dollars on Stila. Just give it a try and you’ll see exactly what we’re talking about. 

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Nyx vs Stila Eyeliner: Application 

Have you ever used a cheap or bad eyeliner pencil? The worst eyeliner pens feel awful. The eyeliner doesn’t come out properly, the lines aren’t fine (more like scratchy and inconsistent), and you have to keep going over your eye line until you finally have enough eyeliner. 

So, are there any significant differences when it comes to application with Stila eyeliner vs Nyx eyeliner? 

Honestly, they are nearly identical. While we found a big difference in feel, both of these apply quite well. Nyx and Stila come out in consistent, fine lines. Plus, the precision pen tip ensures that you can easily get eyeliner exactly where you want it. 

Unless you get a faulty eyeliner pencil, both of these should be just fine when you use them. Simply go around the area, add as much eyeliner as you’d like, and get back to your day. Nothing could be easier. 

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If you’re read our other Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner reviews, then you know that this is where Stila often pulls ahead (except when we compared Stila vs Urban Decay eye liner, Urban Decay came in 30+ colors!). 

Stila comes in an impressive 9 colors while many other eyeliner pencils offer far less. Unfortunately, our Nyx Professional eyeliner pencil review found that Nyx continues that trend by only offering two different colors. 

Let’s list them all so that you see what you can choose from. 

The Stila colors include: 

  • Alloy by Stila 
  • Chocolate by Stila 
  • Intense Black by Stila 
  • Intense Jade by Stila 
  • Intense Labradorite by Stila 
  • Intense Smoky Quartz by Stila 
  • Midnight by Stila 
  • Paradise Pink by Stila 
  • White by Stila 

So, what about Nyx? The Nyx waterproof eyeliner colors include: 

  • Black Nyx Professional Makeup Epic Ink Liner 
  • Brown Nyx Professional Makeup Epic Ink Liner 

The two colors look great and they tend to be the most popular, especially with those who want more natural tones, but sometimes you want something fun and vibrant. 

If that describes you, then Stila offers you more options. Nyx is fine, but Stila is the obvious winner here. 

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We think it’s safe to say that most people prefer waterproof eyeliner. It makes sense really. The makeup is right on your eyes, so you don’t want the makeup to run or fade before the day is over. While there are some eyeliners that aren’t waterproof, we will say that eyeliners here are waterproof and should last the whole day. 

With that said, is there a difference in how waterproof they are? 

We’re not sure if it’s more waterproof or just more resilient overall, but it seemed that Stila lasted longer overall. Nyx lasted a long time, but when compared head-to-head, we found that Stila seemed to truly last all day while Nyx only lasted most of the day (a very important distinction, especially for those of us who don’t have time to reapply makeup in the middle of the day). 

This seemed a little more pronounced in wetter conditions with Stila last just a little bit longer than Nyx. Again, both are great, but we found that Stila was the superior one. 

Nyx does well against many other brands and is one of the better eyeliners we’ve looked at, but Stila was a few steps ahead of the competition. 

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What is the Difference Between Stila and Nyx Eyeliner? 

As we said in the intro, these eyeliners look almost identical when the cap is on. They just look like two pens, but the truth is that nearly every eyeliner pen is like that. So, what is the difference between Nyx and Stila eyeliner? 

If you’re thinking about other eyeliners, then we’ve also looked at:

First, let’s compare their similarities. They are both lightweight and hardly feel like they’re there. They both also dry quickly, apply easily, and the thin tips make it easy to apply the makeup exactly where you want it. Not only that, but they are also waterproof and last for many hours without any issues. 

However, in all categories we found that Stila was the better of the two. It’s a few dollars more expensive, but it has more colors, lasted longer, and felt better. The only place where they were really tied was application since they have very similar precision tips. 

Stila Stay All Day EyelinerNyx Professional Epic Liner

Final Thoughts 

So, who is the big winner here in the Nyx eyeliner vs Stila eyeliner debate? Nyx Professional put up a good fight, a very good one in fact, but it’s a step below Stila. It doesn’t feel quite as good, doesn’t seem to last as long, and offers fewer colors. It’s good, don’t get us wrong, but we found that Stila was better and worth the few extra dollars. 

We see why many people like Nyx, but we ultimately side with Stila. It’s just better in every way and we highly recommend it. 

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