Drybar Straightening Brush vs Lange (Best Premium Hair Straightening Tool)

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Straightening brushes are very convenient because you can both brush your hair and straighten it at the same time. Plus, I’m not sure about you, but a brush seems so much less threatening that a flat iron. Another benefit is that a straightening brush delivers heat to each hair follicle evenly. Today we’re going to compare the Drybar straightening brush vs Lange straightening brush.

So, what are we looking for in our Lange straightening brush vs Drybar review? We are going to compare these based on temperature, controls, handle, bristles, and any differences we find.

Read on to see which is better. We found Drybar to definitely be superior, but see if you agree with us.

Drybar Brush CrushLange Straightening Brush


Our straightening brush review found that you need a specific temperature depending on your hair type. Thinner hair can make do with a lower temperature while still getting poker straight results, but thicker hair needs a higher temperature to ensure all the follicles are straight and beautiful.

In general, a temp around 350 is fine for thinner hair while 400 to 450 is best for thicker hair. While some flat iron brushes only have one temperature setting, we can say that both of these have multiple settings. You’ll have no problem using these on any hair type.

They also have the exact same max temperature of 450 degrees, which makes them fine even for very thick and difficult hair.

One thing we did notice though in our Drybar Brush Crush vs Lange straightening brush review is that Drybar seemed to do a better job of dispersing heat through the hair and holding its temp while Lange faltered.

Both have the same temperature settings, but we found Drybar to be the superior model here.

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Drybar Straightening Brush vs Lange: Controls

Much like temperature, we found that both are similar, but we liked Drybar much more because it’s a little easier to use.

Both of these have simple controls. There is a power button to start the brush, and then up and down buttons. They also have a temperature display that shows you the current setting along with how hot the brush currently is.

The buttons are basically the same on both, but it’s the display that is very different. Drybar uses a high-contrast black-and-white display that allows you to easily see the temperature. Lange uses red LED numbers (similar to an old alarm clock) that disappear after a few seconds. We found the Lange display to be harder to read, and it was annoying to have the numbers disappear.

While both are easy to use, we found that Drybar was more convenient and user friendly. However, we doubt that anyone will have significant problems with Lange. It’s stiff competition and we need to pick a winner.

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Lange Straightening Brush vs Drybar: Handle

Many women don’t even think about the handle when buying a straightening brush or any other brush, but this can be very important. You want a handle that is easy to hold and that is simple to control. In order to properly deliver heat to your hair, you need to go slow and steady. Not only that, but a good handle makes it easier to get through dense, thick, frizzy hair.

Both are good once again, but this time we liked Lange a little bit better. Drybar has a comfortable handle that is easy to hold under any circumstance. However, Lange is slightly tapered at the top, which was a little more comfortable.

They are nearly the same, but the Lange hot brush pulls ahead by just a little. However, we think that you’ll be happy with either because there is only a slight difference between them.

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This is another area many people skip over when looking at hair straightening brushes, but that would be a mistake. You want to pay attention to the bristles because they make a large impact on the overall usefulness of the brush. Not only does the bristle size affect how well it gets through hair, but it also impacts how well the brush holds onto heat.

Lange uses regular brush bristles. You wouldn’t be able to tell it apart from a regular brush if it weren’t for the power cord sticking out the other end. This makes it good for most hair types, especially normal and thinner hair, as it can easily get through most knots with ease. This also does a fairly good job of holding onto heat.

However, Drybar delivers professional results that we think you’ll notice. The bristles are significantly wider than most brushes. This makes it better on frizzy and thick hair because it will easily separate the strands and get through all knots. You’ll also find that these bristles hold onto heat very well, making it ideal for high-heat hair straightening.

This is a matter of preference because it depends on your hair type. While Lange is fine for most hair types, we found that Drybar gives you more professional results.

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What is the Difference Between Drybar Straightening Brush and Lange?

Curious about what is the difference between Lange straightening brush and Drybar? While they look very similar at first, we were able to find a number of differences.

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While they have the same max temperature and roughly the same temperature settings, we found that Drybar had an easier time staying at the set temperature and properly delivering heat to your hair. Lange did fine, but there’s a reason why it’s more affordable. The controls were also roughly the same, but it came down to Drybar’s display, which we found more convenient and easier to read.

The handle is nearly identical, but we liked Lange a little more because it was tapered at the end and a little bit easier to hold. However, Drybar claims superiority again with its bristles. They are wide, power through knots, and ensure your hair gets the heat it needs to relax and straighten.

Drybar Brush CrushLange Straightening Brush

Final Thoughts

While both are good, we found that Drybar is easily the winner. While Lange performs well, especially at the lower price point, it just wasn’t as good as Drybar. We found that Drybar had an easier time staying at the set temperature, the display was better, the handle was good (though Lange was a bit easier to hold), and the bristles were great for thick hair.

So, which one did you choose? Be sure to let us know.

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