Drybar Brush Crush vs Revlon (How do I Straighten Frizzy Hair?)

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Heated straightening brushes are the easiest, fastest way to straighten your hair. These are like hair irons and brushes put together, and they are so simple to use. The big question is whether you’re getting the right one. Today our Drybar Brush Crush vs Revlon review will show you which is best for your hair.

Our Revlon vs Drybar Brush Crush review will compare these based on temperature, controls, handle, bristles, and any other differences we can find.

Read on to see which is right for your hair.

Drybar Brush CrushRevlon Hot Brush


Whether you’re buying a regular flat iron or a heated straightening brush like this, you need to ensure that it can reach the right temperature for your hair. Now you might be wondering what the right temperature is, and that’s a good question.

According to L’oreal , the right temperature depends on your hair type.

If you have fine hair, then 300 to 375 degrees should be fine. If your hair is thick or coarse, then you’ll need 400 to 450 degrees to properly straighten your hair. Due to that, you should pick a heated brush that reaches the mid-400s just to ensure you can straighten your hair.

When it comes to Drybar Brush vs Revlon, these two are nearly tied. Drybar is the winner, but it’s by a small margin.

The Revlon heated styling brush reaches 430 degrees while Drybar Brush Crush max temperature is 450. If you have fine hair, then either is fine. If you have thick hair, then we definitely suggest Drybar because it will have an easier time straightening your hair. The 20-degree difference may not seem like a big deal, but it’s really worth it.

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Drybar Brush Crush vs Revlon: Controls

Heated styling brushes should be easy to use. Remember, they are like a brush and flat iron combined, so it should be simple. Let’s take a look at the controls here to see which one is simpler to use.

The controls are composed of two major parts: the buttons and display.

You’ll find the buttons on both are nearly identical. There is a power button to turn the brush on and off, and up and down buttons to increase or decrease the temperature. While the buttons themselves are nearly the same, we did prefer the Drybar brush because it offered significantly more temperature settings than the Revlon styling brush.

Looking at the display, both of these are good as well. Drybar’s display is a little easier to see, but Revlon does a fine job as well.

While it’s close here, we prefer the Drybar Crush Brush because it has many more temperature settings. If you’re someone who wants a very specific temperature for your hair, then Drybar might be the better option. At the same time, Revlon is a respectable rival that’s easy to use.

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Revlon vs Drybar Brush Crush: Handle

You want a handle that is simple to hold, and that doesn’t hurt your hand as you work through tangled, curly, or frizzy hair. Just like any brush or flat iron, you want to ensure that this is as comfortable as possible so that straightening your hair isn’t torture.

Once again, both handles are good. We found that Drybar Crush had the better handle, but the Revlon heated brush was very good as well.

Our Drybar Brush Crush review found that the handle is smooth and easily fits in the hand. It should feel comfortable as you go through your hair, even if it’s really frizzy and tangled, and it should glide right through with little effort.

Revlon has a slightly softer handle that is also comfortable. We found that it required a little more effort to get through difficult hair, but that might also be due to the smaller brush head. In general, while it was also comfortable, it wasn’t quite as good.

It’s close, but we found Drybar to be the winner once again here.

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One of the best things about heated straightening brushes is that they give you the ease and detangling power of a paddle brush. This allows the heat to straighten each hair follicle individually, ensuring that your hair looks amazing.

Both of these have plastic-covered bristles that emanate heat, but should still keep your scalp safe. The bristles also emulate a traditional brush, but they do have different shapes.

Revlon’s brush looks just like a normal brush. The bristles are about the same size, and they should be able to detangle your hair with ease.

Drybar bristles are thicker, which allows them to power through messy hair easier. If you have fine hair, then these thicker bristles might feel like a little too much, but they should still glide through your hair with ease. These are better for those with thicker and coarse hair.

It really depends on what type of hair you have. Revlon is a better all-arounder, but Drybar is ideal for thicker, coarser, and more tangled hair.

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What is the Difference Between Drybar Brush Crush and Revlon?

Curious about what is the difference between Revlon and Drybar Brush Crush? While these two seem similar at first, there are a fair number of differences we found in our detailed review.

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While they do have similar temperatures, Drybar Brush has a maximum temperature that is 20 degrees higher, making it better if you have thicker or coarser hair. The controls were similar, but Drybar gave you more options overall. Revlon has a softer handle, but we found that we had a better grip with Drybar. Also, while the bristles on Revlon’s brush was like a traditional paddle brush, Drybar had thicker bristles that were ideal for detangling hair.

In general, while Revlon was pretty good and is at a bargain price, Drybar is the superior hair straightening brush. It is much easier to use, works better on difficult hair, and it definitely earns the top spot here.

Drybar Brush CrushRevlon Hot Brush

Final Thoughts

So, which is better? Our Drybar Brush vs Revlon review discovered that Revlon is pretty good and might be best for those who want a lower price, but Drybar is the best hair straightener here. Not only does it have a higher temperature and more temperature selections, but the handle was better and the bristles make short work of tangled hair.

Both are good, but we suggest trying Drybar and seeing what makes it so special.

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