Drybar Brush vs Dyson Airwrap (Do Cold Hair Straighteners Work?)

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Hair straightening brushes usually work by heating your hair to force it to relax. This works for most people and is very effective, but some people don’t like the heat. Today we’re going to compare Drybar Brush vs Dyson Airwrap. While Drybar Brush Crush is a professional model that uses high heat, Dyson does things differently. They use a low-temperature approach with clever science to straighten your hair.

We’re going to compare Dyson vs Drybar Brush Crush based on temperature, controls, handle, bristles, and any other differences we find.

While Drybar Brush might use the traditional heating method, we found that it’s reliable and definitely more affordable in this comparison. Dyson is amazing, but the high price tag might turn some people off.

Drybar Brush CrushDyson Airwrap


Normally the most important feature of any straightening brush is how hot it gets. They’re also known as hot brushes for a reason! That being said, Drybar reaches a great temperature while Dyson doesn’t but let’s look into them in detail.

Drybar reaches a great temperature of 450 degrees max. It has many options so you can set it lower for thinner hair. In general, 300-350 is fine for thin hair while 400-450 is best for thicker hair. While everyone has their own preferred temp, Drybar should fit whatever you need.

Dyson uses smart technology that only reaches 150C, or about 300F. Normally that’s OK for very thin hair, but that’s about it. As you can guess though, the geniuses at Dyson have an innovative solution for that.

Our Dyson Airwrap review found that it uses some heat, but it mostly attracts hair to the brush or wrap by using air power. The unit is infused with negative ions to remove static and straighten hair. Not only does this reduce the odds of frying your hair or burning yourself, but it also gives hair a shiny look with more volume.

So, which is better with Drybar vs Dyson? If you’re looking for the traditional approach, then Drybar is the best. If you want something new and with less heat, then Dyson is better.

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Drybar Brush vs Dyson Airwrap: Controls

You ideally want a straightening tool that is simple to use, or at least easy to understand. Want to know how to use Dyson Airwrap? It’s actually easier than it looks, but you might need some trial-and-error to get it right.

Drybar is as easy as it gets. There is a power button and temperature controls buttons for up and down. The display shows you the temperature setting. Just adjust until you’re at the right setting. It couldn’t be easier.

Dyson is fairly easy, but it looks hard. You have the main power switch along with two sliders for temperature and airflow. Simply adjust between low, medium, and high until you have the right setting. This is where the trial-and-error comes in because you may need to try a few settings until you get used to Dyson Airwrap, but it’s easy enough once you understand it.

While Drybar is definitely more straightforward, both of these are fairly easy to use.

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Dyson Airwrap vs Drybar Brush: Handle

Many people may pass it over, but the brush handle is very important with straightening brushes. You want to ensure that it’s sturdy enough for you to get through thick hair, and you also want it to be comfortable so you don’t hurt your hand.

The Drybar Brush Crush handle is yellow and feels like a premium brush. It’s sturdy, easy on the hand, and has a slight texture to improve your grip. You’ll have no problem holding this as you work out knots and straighten your hair.

The Dyson Airwrap handle is metal and feels comfortable in your hand. You won’t really be doing any brushing with it, but it feels very sturdy and durable. The reason you aren’t really brushing is because air is attracting your hair to the brush, which makes everything glide very smoothly.

Both handles are great. Dyson is better, but Drybar feels premium and it beats most other brushes.

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This is another part that some people overlook, but they are very important to ensure that your hair properly gets hot and straight. The bristles not only comb through knots, they are also responsible for dispersing heat evenly throughout your hair.

Drybar has very thick bristles. These do wonders at removing knots while also holding their temperature. You should have no problem with the temperature dropping, even if your hair is very thick and long. That can’t be said for many cheap hot brushes.

Dyson has many attachments that are able to straighten, smooth, volumize, and brighten up your hair. Each one is different, but we can say that all are made with engineering precision and do a wonderful job of getting through every hair follicle and straightening them. Plus, having all the attachments is nice because it allows you to change how your hair looks.

Drybar wins against most competitors, but Dyson has more options for you to enjoy.

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What is the Difference Between Drybar Brush and Dyson Airwrap?

Curious about what is the difference between Dyson Airwrap and Drybar Brush Crush? We found many differences, but that’s no surprise because Dyson isn’t like anything else we’ve ever seen! It doesn’t rely on heat like most other brushes, but Drybar is by far one of the best at what it does.

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Starting off, the max temperature is very different. Drybar heats up to 450 while Dyson only reaches 300. Normally we would give the automatic win to Drybar Crush, but Dyson is very effective because it uses air and negative ions to improve your hair’s shine and volume while still making it very straight. Drybar relies on heat, which some people may or may not like.

Drybar was much easier to control, and it’s a tie with the handles because they are both sturdy and premium. Drybar’s bristles are thick and great for getting out knots and delivering heat, but Dyson has many attachments and is more versatile.

Drybar Brush CrushDyson Airwrap

Final Thoughts

So, which is better? Overall, we’d have to give the win to Dyson if not for the price. Airflow Dyson uses unique technology, is fairly easy to control, and has many attachments so you can customize your hairstyle. However, the price is very high. We believe that Drybar Brush Crush will probably be better for most people. While it relies on heat, this is tried and true technology that has been used for many years. Plus, it’s much easier on the wallet. 

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