Babyliss Pro Flat Iron vs GHD (Best Smart Styling Iron)

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Looking for the best flat iron hair straightener? We searched high and low before finding these two straighteners, and they are both professional quality products you’re sure to love. The question though is which flat iron is better? Today our Babyliss Pro Flat Iron vs GHD review will compare these two amazing products to see which is right for your hair.

Our GHD vs Babyliss Pro Flat Iron review will compare these based on temperature, plate size, material, comfort, and then any other differences we can find.

Read on to get the best flat iron for all hair types.

Babyliss Pro Flat IronGHD Platinum+

Is Babyliss Pro a Good Straightener?

The BabylissPro Nano Titanium Ultra-Thin Flat Iron is one of the best we’ve ever seen. From its slim design that combats hand fatigue to its professional-grade material and various heat settings (50 settings in total), you’re going to love this hair flat iron.

Not only does it instantly heat up so you can quickly start on your hair, but the handle is comfortable and resists heat. This keeps your hand cool while also protecting the product itself. If you want professional looking hair without the huge cost, then this is the right flat iron for you.

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Is GHD a Good Straightener?

GHD Platinum+ Styler is a smart hair straightener that uses modern technology to predict and adapt to your hair’s needs. The heat is consistently monitored while predictive technology ensures optimal settings for stronger, shinier hair. Not only that, but this results in fantastic color protection.

It’s not only the technology that makes this a fantastic straightener. It also has a comfortable handle, great heating settings, and many other features that make it one of the best hair products around.

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GHD vs BabylissPro Flat Iron: Temperature

In many ways BabylissPro Flat Iron can be considered a manual hair straightener while GHD Platinum is an automatic one. At the same time, we found that Babyliss Flat Iron offered higher temperatures and some people might prefer this.

So, let’s first cover the temperature itself and then get into the major differences. The temperatures themselves are:

  • Babyliss Pro Flat Iron Max Temperature: 450F (50 Settings)
  • GHD Flat Iron Max Temperature: 365F (Automatic)

In this way it seems like BabylissPro wins, and it might be depending on your preference. It also comes with 50 different settings, which allows you to easily set the temperature that you want. However, keep in mind that actual temperature may fluctuate depending on use.

The temp will go down as you’re running this through your hair, especially if you have thicker hair. At the same time, it offers the highest temperature of the two.

Now, what about GHD? The GHD Straightener goes up to 365F, which is considered the optimal temp as it protects your hair while straightening it. Not only that, but this smart flat iron scans the product 250 times per second to ensure it’s still at this optimal temperature.

In terms of highest temp, Babyliss wins. In terms of consistency though, we would call GHD the winner.

Babyliss Pro Flat IronGHD Platinum+

GHD vs Babyliss Pro Flat Iron: Plate Width

You may notice that many hair straighteners advertise their plate widths. Do you know why they do this? The plate width can dramatically change how much control you have over the straightener. It can even determine if the straightener is right for you, or if you need another one.

The most standard width is 1”. This is good for thinner and shorter hair, but more importantly, it also gives you the most control. Thicker plates, such as 1.5” and 2”, are good for longer and thicker hair. You lose some control, but these can make it much easier to finish your hair faster.

GHD Platinum+ Professional Styler is only available in 1” size. The most popular BabylissPro Flat Iron size is 1”, but you can also choose 1.5” and 2” if you’d prefer those.

So, who wins here with Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Flat Iron vs GHD? If you want a 1 inch hair straightener, then it’s a tie here. If you’d prefer a larger size, then Babyliss Pro Nano wins because it offers more sizes.

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BabylissPro Flat Iron vs GHD: Material

Believe it or not, even though many flat irons look similar, they all tend to use different metals and materials for unique benefits. Both of these utilize ceramic as the heating element because it heats quickly and is great at transferring that heat, but the metal they use is very different.

Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Flat Iron puts it right in the name. The plates are made from titanium. This incredibly resilient material does well under heat, but best of all, it protects your hair while also giving you the styles you’re looking for. From pin-straight hair to fun curls and waves, you can do whatever you want with this titanium hair straightener.

GHD Platinum Flat Iron has plates that are made from aluminum. This metal is known for excellent heat transfer, which allows it to conduct heat four times better than steel. Not only that, but the plates have a ceramic coating. This coating allows it to glide through your hair while leaving a silky, shiny finish.

So, which is better? We found that Babyliss Flat Iron was a little more durable, but GHD heated faster and made hair shinier and more beautiful. We think both are great, but GHD was just a little bit better.

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Babyliss Pro Flat Iron vs GHD: Comfort

What is the most comfortable hair straightener? You need the product to have an ergonomic handle that fits in your hand and is easy to use. The last thing you want with a hot iron is to have time holding it. That could lead to accidentally dropping the straightener or less than stellar results with your hair.

Both of these have very comfortable handles, but which is better? Once again it’s a matter of preference.

Let’s look at Babyliss Pro Titanium Flat Iron first. This has a very thin handle that easily fits in the hand. The lightweight build along with the heat-resistant housing means that you won’t have to worry about burns or straining your hand. Those with bigger hands might find the thin handle a little too small, but those with average and small hands will like the feel.

GHD Styler has a somewhat thicker handle, but only by about 0.25”. If you have smaller hands, then this might feel like a big difference, but this won’t bother most people. The handle itself is molded better than Babyliss as it curves better and fits in the palm with ease.

We liked GHD a little better here. However, those who love thin profile flat irons will prefer Babyliss Nano Titanium as it is one of the thinnest hair straighteners you can find.

What is the Difference Between Babyliss Pro Flat Iron and GHD?

Curious about what is the difference between GHD and Babyliss Pro Flat Iron? While both of these amazing flat irons, we found a good number of differences between them.

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In terms of temperature, we found that Babyliss offered a better temperature range with more settings, but GHD automatically kept the straightener at an optimal temperature the entire time. In terms of plate width, both come in the popular 1” size, but Babyliss offered more sizes in general.

Material wise, Babyliss is more durable, but GHD’s aluminum heats faster and leaves you with shinier hair. We also found the GHD handle to be more comfortable, but those with smaller hands or who prefer thin profile flat irons will love Babyliss.

Babyliss Pro Flat IronGHD Platinum+

Final Thoughts

So, who wins in our Babyliss Pro Flat Iron vs GHD review? Both are amazing. We think GHD is the overall winner. While it doesn’t reach the same max temperature, it evenly maintains optimal temperature through adaptive technology, it created shinier hair, and the handle was more comfortable.

However, those who want very high temperatures, thin profile handles, and durable flat irons will prefer BabylissPro.

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