Mario Badescu vs Thayers (Best Face Toner Mist)

Mario Badescu vs Thayers

If you’re looking for the best face toner, then we found two of the top products for you. For those who don’t know, face toner revitalizes your skin without stripping out oils. While astringents often look similar, toner hydrates and improves your skin without being too harsh. Our Mario Badescu vs Thayers review will show … Read more

Mario Badescu vs EradiKate (Best Acne Treatment)

Mario Badescu vs Eradikate

Whether you get occasional acne breakouts or this is part of your daily life, you want an acne treatment that works quickly and effectively. Lots of products promise fast results, but today we’re reviewing two popular products to see which is best. Our Mario Badescu vs EradiKate review will show you which is better for … Read more

Drybar Straightening Brush vs Lange (Best Premium Hair Straightening Tool)

drybar straightening brush vs lange

Straightening brushes are very convenient because you can both brush your hair and straighten it at the same time. Plus, I’m not sure about you, but a brush seems so much less threatening that a flat iron. Another benefit is that a straightening brush delivers heat to each hair follicle evenly. Today we’re going to … Read more